Chocolates handmade with love


About G

Meet the G in Love, G

Hi, everyone! I’m Germaine, and here’s my Love, G journey.

To quote an acclaimed chef, “Food brings people together on many different levels. It’s nourishment for the soul and body; it’s truly love. ” In my family, food has always been the element we use to express our love for each other. We are the ultimate foodies, and the kitchen is our favorite place to be. Food has the power to unite people of all walks of life and cultures, and dessert, for me, is the crowning moment of every meal, so I did what any eternal-optimist with a sweet tooth and some raw talent would do, I became a chocolatier.

In 2017, I found myself elbow-deep in chocolate, literally, having then decided to take a chocolate course after years of experimenting and, admittedly, some epic disasters. I now had another passion besides my family … chocolate! I would stay in my kitchen till the wee hours of the morning in “the zone”, testing different recipes with Soca music blasting, so absorbed in making chocolates to share with my friends and family that time would fly. Everyone delighted in my creations, which soon became a must at every event and gathering.

The birth of Love, G.

After spending many years working in my family’s food business and focusing on my children, passion met purpose and the door was opened to endless possibilities. This is how Love, G was born and grew from a hobby to a vision. I believe that good food is better when you share it with those you love.

Anyone who knows me knows how proud I am to be a “Trinbagonian,” so it’s essential that our brand and products honor and support T&T as much as possible. Our signature chocolates are made using Trinidad’s world-renowned cocoa and other local ingredients, and each product has a local name, making our chocolates delicious conversation starters.

Ultimately, my desire has always been to combine the best ingredients with passion, and so I give you this moment of indulgence, all handmade with love, G.

Worth every

bleeping bite.